The Hori Ultimate Knife Review

When we think of a Japanese knife, we think of knives of high quality and performance. We also think of a knife that looks good, takes up minimal space and is easy to sharpen. In addition, we don't usually give much thought to the extras that make a great knife. So, when we found the Hori Ultimate, we decided to put it to the test. Check out this page for more detailed info:

Straight edge, smooth transition, Double edge blade, Tanto blade, Serrated edge, Hypo-allergenic stainless steel, V groove cutting tool, Twine cutting tool, We like to dig into the dirt, even if it's just a pebble and any knife that make that experience better is a necessity in our kitchen. That's what makes the Hori Ultimate such a great addition to our kitchen essentials. After spending hundreds of years sharpening knives in many countries around the world, we have perfected a knife that allows us to cut through most anything that will stand up to its sharp edge. When it comes to toughness, the knife allows us to take on anything.

The handles of the Hori Ultimate are made of strong rubber for maximum absorbency and slip resistance. We find the handle comfortable to use even long periods of time, even if we're really digging into the dirt. The knife doesn't ride up or down when we use it in a bind or when we're chopping through logs and small pieces of brush. We've pulled out this knife and used it multiple times through three seasons of bad weather and rain without a scratch.

The sheath that comes with the knives is tough and durable and will withstand many trips to the outdoors. In addition to the sheath, the knife itself has an onion strip which is used for grip. We have never had a problem using the knife even in wet or muddy conditions. In fact, the knife can get so wet, that we've used it as a cutting board. It held up fine and was usable.

In addition to the toughness and the quality of the barebones knife, it's size is perfect for use in all kinds of conditions. We carry it like a pocket knife and use it like one too. Most people who have seen us use the knives have agreed that they're perfect for camping and other outdoor activities. While most of us are aware of the fact that knives are useful for various tasks, some of us don't realize how useful they can be when we need them in unexpected situations.

Hori Ultimate Knife provides us with a number of functions in one compact package. The fact that they can be used like a pocket knife makes them practical. I often feel in order to get what I need done, I'll leave home and purchase a more powerful tool. We've found that the Ultimate helped us accomplish our jobs with speed and efficiency. No matter what you may need to use a knife for, the Hori Ultimate is going to prove itself time again. check out this post for more detailed information on this topic:

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