How Good is the Hori Ultimate Knife?

Every serious knife maker and fan want their knives to be strong, sturdy and dependable. Unfortunately, many lesser knife makers fail to pay attention to these details or design aspects when designing their products. Sometimes, the company that sells the product simply does not care enough about the intricate details to bother paying a good designer to make sure the knife is built well. The result is a poorly constructed knife with weak edges, short blade life and other issues that greatly diminish the quality of use.

We have been testing knives for a long time and have found only a few brands that consistently do it better than the rest. Straight edge, serrated edge, Micarta edge, Hypodermic knife, Heat treat stainless steel, Walnut composite handle, Twine cutting device, Bottle opener - We love to dig into the dirt and just about any other tool that makes the task more fun, is a must-have in your kitchen. After spending hundreds of hours testing every brand and model we could find, we settled on the ultimate knife: The Hori Ultimate Knife. Roughly translated from Japanese, Hori literally means "Dig in the Dirt" an old-fashioned phrase that still rings true today, in our modern household. These knives will contain your favorite features.

This knife is made by the popular Japanese knife maker Hori Aire. Aire is well-known for making some of the best cutlery products in the world. For this reason, this company often ranks highly among kitchen utility experts and has a reputation for making high-quality items that last for years. However, it takes more than high quality materials and workmanship to make a great knife. In order to determine what makes the best Hori Ultimate Knife, it's important to examine the manufacturing process.

Unlike many other Japanese knives, this knife uses a "Flat-Edge" type of blade that rides up and down the handle. This type of blade rides the edge of the handle instead of extending behind it like a traditional cutlery blade would. This allows the knife to be held more flat, which makes it easier to work with. While the flat-edge blade does offer some advantages, it also means that the knife cannot be sharpened as smoothly as other knives, such as a traditional carving knife or a serrated knife. This can limit the types of cutlery materials you can use with the knife.

One other important characteristic of the Hori Ultimate Knife is that it is one of the few manufacturers who use a traditional method of knife-making, which means that each knife blade is made from a different type of steel. This means that each knife handle will have a unique curvature and texture. Because of this, the handle must be made out of a variety of metals, including all of the typical metals (gold, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, etc), and the handles must all have a unique curvature to them, such as a unique "slicing" motion. Because of the unique manufacturing process used by barebones Hori, their knives are among the most expensive knives available.

When it comes to the actual features of the knife, it is largely a matter of preference. Some people prefer the flat, smooth, lines of the traditional Japanese knives over a lot of the more stylized, "prosumer" knife makers that have come onto the market in recent years. The biggest differentiating factor, however, may very well be the durability of the product. Regardless of your own personal preferences, it seems likely that the Hori Ultimate Knife will be a great addition to your kitchen collection and can also serve as a good cutlery and meat slicer as well. Check out this post with general information about knives:

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